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Hvad nu hvis...

Efter Brylluppet Fotograf: Bart Kootstra

Hvad nu hvis...Lodder trisser, bræt og snor

En forestilling om balance, muligheder og konsekvens.


Brædder der balancerer, vægte der forskydes, kugler der triller, elastikker, snor, pinde.  Et gulv og en spiller udfordrer gennem denne forestilling rummet, tyngdeloven, balancen og vores evne til at bygge op og bryde ned, udforske, drømme og lege. 


Idé og medvirkende: Gertrud Exner

Forestillingen er skabt af holdet:

Gertrud Exner, Lisa Becker, Claus Carlsen, Catherine Poher

Kostume: Trine Walther

What if…

weights, pulleys, planks and strings


A performance about balance, possibility and consequence for 0 to 6 year-olds.


Balancing planks, shifting weights, a turning ball, elastics, strings, a stick.  A performer plays with the challenges posed the space around her, the law of gravity, balance and our ability to build things up and take them apart, to investigate, dream and play.  


"What if"… is a minimalistic performance experiment for the youngest audiences. We zoom in on the challenge of making objects communicate and balance with each other. The performer is in constant movement in and with her surrounding space and objects, everything is a challenge to be taken up and an exercise with things that are not necessarily related with each other. Can you build a house with 3 planks, a string and two weights? Yes, and no one even doubts that it is a house! Surprises, recognition and improbable experiments that all end well characterise a performance that, through humour and playfulness, movement and beautiful, specially composed music, asks questions about the laws of physics and about our place in the middle of it all.


Idea and performer: Gertrud Exner

The show was created collectively by:

Gertrud Exner, Lisa Becker, Claus Carlsen, Catherine Poher

Costume: Trine Walther